About me

My name is Verena Laouari and I am a graduate interpreter for the German, Spanish and Italian languages. After my studies at the University of Heidelberg I set up my own freelancer’s office without any delay and detours.  Since that time, I have worked as a freelance interpreter and translator, especially in the private economy and in legal fields. I’ve worked as a generally sworn and authorized interpreter since 2012 and I also offer certified translations.

In my blog at  www.dolmetscherin.nrw I regularly take up interesting and quaint things and experience from my daily work routine – this is also the point where my first article on the topic of note taking technique appeared.

Apart from my work as an interpreter and translator I also like giving lessons, as I did at the University of Hildesheim as one of my last activities. I am very pleased as well to offer workshops and continued vocational training courses, not only domestically here in Germany, but also online world-wide.

What makes me an expert in the note taking technique?

12 years have gone by since I started self-studying signs and symbols. Thanks to a great many of practical experience, I have since made myself an expert in note taking technique.

My objective is to teach future interpreters using a practicable note taking technique.

Although I began teaching the theoretical foundations, my focus is very clearly on the practical use and daily work routine of interpreters today.  The tiny and detailed signs presented in some of the manuals available on the market are certainly quite impressive. But for interpreters who mostly work in companies or at the court, they are in most cases rather pointless.

Throughout my professional career, I have discovered quite a lot of books that concentrate on a scientific approach. I have always missed a practical “guide” or even a course conveying a note taking technique that would prove really useful in my day-to-day interpreter’s work. Therefore, my aim today is teaching a definitely practicable note taking technique.