Coming soon! From autumn 2021 I offer an Online course in German language, in which I will teach the note taking technique for interpreters. In the course of 2022, it will be available in Spanish and later also in English.

Learning the note taking technique online from the bottom up – simply and efficiently

The Online Course in Note Taking Technique is aimed at all those who wish to learn note taking for interpreters – whenever and where ever they find the time to do so.

The Online Course is not an E-Book, i.e. it is NOT made of long pages of text material which is to be studied. In video modules I am going to explain to you every single step and every single trick in note taking personally. Simple, clearly structured and visually attractive examples and exercises will be concomitant with every module. The mixture of a personal approach and various concrete and practical examples and exercises ensure an efficient learning process and appeal to both visual and auditive types of learners.

In the additional module I will explain to you how you can learn to take an assertive and self-confident stance and present your interpretation professionally – even if, at one time or another, not everything goes well.

Simple Construction, Clear Structure, 5 Individual Modules

In MODULE 1 you will learn the basic concept, that is WHAT of everything uttered by the speaker should be noted down in fact.

 Upon completion of Module 1 you will know: 

   ✔ What exactly and how much you will have to note down.
   ✔ What role your memory plays and how you can train it.
   ✔ How and for what purpose you will make a preliminary analysis of the original speech.
   ✔ How you can take compacted notes.
   ✔ When you start note taking.

In MODULE 2 you will learn the technique, i.e. WHERE you will note down which parts of sentences and HOW you should note them down.

Upon completion of Module 2 you will know:

✔ How you should arrange and structure the notes on your writing pad. 
 ✔ How you should note down important references and links, so that you can recognize them immediately.
 ✔ How you should note down insertions, verbs, various tenses, figures and numbers etc.

In MODULE 3 you will learn about the role of symbols, signs and abbreviations.

Upon completion of Module 3 you will know:

✔ Where and to what extent the use of symbols makes sense (and when they harm or disturb rather than help). 
 ✔ How you can elaborate and develop symbols for your own sphere of intervention as an interpreter.
 ✔ I will also provide you with a certain fundamental amount of useful basic symbols. 

In MODULE 4 I will show you how to begin applying what you have learned so far and how to achieve the objective of your own, well working note technology.

Upon completion of Module 4 you will know:

✔ How to apply the note taking technique as of now. 
✔ How to improve and progress continuously.
✔ What to do if not everything runs so smoothly - if you lag behind,
have not understood everything or do not recognize your notes.

MODULE 5  contains practical exercises for any state of knowledge.

Step 1: Exercise texts and solutions for note taking from the sheet
Step 2: Very slowly spoken exercise videos and audios
Step 3: Exercise videos and audios of an average rate of speech.
Step 4: Exercise videos and audios of a realistic rate of speech.
+ exercises in critical situations, such as high speed, high information density, errors and illogical statements in the original speed, 
speeches read from paper.

In the ADDITIONAL MODULE, I will also explain:

✔ the appearance that is expected from an interpreter.
✔  how you succeed in representing yourself in a self-assured manner (even if you are not).
✔  the requirements set on your appearance and self-representation in exams.
✔  how you will present your interpretation in a professional manner
✔  how you can recognize any of your personal quirks and give them up.