Personal Coaching

The individual coaching in note taking technique takes place as a web conference with me personally. It is dedicated to all those who already know the concept of the note taking technique and who either need a “start-up support” for their further progress in note taking or (and above all) training.

According to my experience, most of the studying interpreters are able to assess themselves and assign their knowledge in note taking to any of the three groups mentioned below: Newcomers, Advanced Students and Almost Professionals Anyway, I take a closer look at the student’s current status and where to begin, before every training course.

In a first personal meeting, which is free of charge, we define jointly where we will start and what our objective is!

The training units are individual and are not to be seen as rigidly planned and fixed seminars or courses. As everybody has different predispositions and prerequisites, and therefore, the studying pace can be very different, I do not offer packages, but individual training units.

How about the procedure of the personal training in note taking techniques?

The exercises take place as web conferences. A stable Internet connection, a camera and microphone are required. For the practical exercises I offer units of 45 minutes each. In this way, we prevent the exercises from becoming ineffective due to declining concentration.

Where ever possible, I align myself to the areas and spheres of intervention, the topics and the language of the participants. In the first step, however, it always makes sense to take the notes in one language and to reproduce the speech then in the same language. When it comes to gaining practice, real interpreting will be quite welcome.

How about the costs of the personal training in note taking techniques?

The costs for every single studying unit of 45 minutes each amount to 70.00 € + VAT (19%). It goes without saying that you will receive an invoice which allows you to present these costs incurred to your tax authority.